These rules were drawn up when the 2020 competition was intended to be run by the Galway FA, but that competition was cancelled due to the clubs vote at the EGM on 3rd of June to void the current season.

General Rules

  1. Competition is run by a sub-committee of the Galway FA.
  2. Players must be age 35 on the day of the match.
  3. Matches are mid-week, every week, normally Wednesdays.
  4. Roll-on, roll-off, unlimited substitutions, 45 minutes a side.
  5. Both teams come to an agreement for every group game, as long as they are played that week.
  6. Home team arranges time and day of match with away manager, and then appoints official referee.
  7. Home teams arrange and pay for referee, set fee of €50 per game.
  8. Match Cards to be Completed by both teams and the referee.
  9. Red cards will have 1 match automatic ban.
  10. More serious bans for more serious bad conduct, which may also include points reduction for the team.
  11. "Sin Bin".
    1. 10 minutes.
    2. Team will be down by 1 player (substitute not allowed to replace the player that is in the bin; but can choose to put another player on after the 10 minutes is up)
    3. It is designed to allow a referee to get a player to leave the field having done something stupid; to cool down.
    4. The referee should always use the Yellow Card and Red Card as normal. Players should be sent off if there is any violent conduct and reported to me.
  12. "FAInet" -
    1. All players must be registered to FAInet.
    2. Registration fees are:
      1. €15 for new players (not registered as Junior player this season).
      2. €10 for current Junior players (already registered as Junior player this season).
  13. Transfers required for players moving from their registered Junior club to the Over 35s club.

"FAInet" Rules.

Players not already on the system should now begin the data upload phase of player registration as it takes time to get required documents in and approved.
The process will be

1) Gather picture ID AND Fully completed FAI from each player, to enter them to the FAI Net system for the first time.

2) send both documents to your club Secretary/ Registrar

3) Your Secretary/registrar will create the team on FAI net and print a team sheet for all players to sign and return to him/her.

4) payment for player registration will be made for each player contained on the team sheet

5) after that document is uploaded to the system and approved by the league, each player will receive an ELIGIBILITY on the team sheet and at which point the registration is complete for that player.

If anyone has any questions on the process either send Jamie a PM or call me on 0834708251

Over 35 Premier Rules

  1. No restrictions on players based on ability or playing experience; apart from must be age 35.

Over 35 Division 1 Rules

  1. No player who is registered as a junior player after 31st January 2020 can play in Division 1. These players can play in the Premier league.