O35 General Rules 2022

Player Registration & age

  1. Players must already be aged 35 before being added to any team on FAI.NET
  2. First issues require photo ID and DOB official paperwork
  3. FAInet Registration document containing the Signature of any player/players two days (one calendar day in-between upload date and fixture date) in  advance  of any game
  4. Players must be approved to play O35s on FAInet at least 24 hours prior to the match.
  5. A player must not be banned from all football activities (i.e., a serious ban).

Rules specific to O35s Junior

  1. Current junior Players can play in the same club for o35s but still require their name added to the o35 teamsheet, signature and eligibility date must be granted.
  2. FAInet transfer from 1 club at Junior to another club for o35s can only happen from 1-June
  3. Players can transfer back to Junior winter league after the finals and will still be eligible for O35s Junior next summer 2023.

Rules specific to O35s Non-Junior

  1. Current junior Players cannot play in Non-Junior o35s, no exceptions will be allowed.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt and the sob story requests for exemptions for fellas who signed junior this season but didn't play, or only signed to give the reserves a dig out the odd time, or played only a bit of junior, and now want to play o35s Non-Junior.
    1. The short answer is NO
    2. The long answer is "N O"; they are welcome to play O35s in the Junior O35s competition.
  3. Players can transfer to Junior winter league after the finals, but will then not be eligible for Non-Junior O35s next year in 2023.

Official O35s Referee List 2022

  1. Brian Lynch 086 364 6912
  2. Danny Corbett 087 243 5233
  3. Joe Hession 085 131 1127
  4. Lukasz Szkwarek 085 198 8519
  5. Mick Walsh 085 883 6286
  6. Mike Cubbard 087 415 5391
  7. Mike Shaughnessy 087 322 3526
  8. Ned Ward 087 933 4461
  9. Niall Crosby 086 059 8574
  10. Paul Healy 085 191 9863

Fixtures and Appoint Referee

  1. Fixture
    1. All matches are mid-week, every week, normally Wednesdays.
    2. League games are set for Wednesday evenings 7pm KO but can be moved once game is played that week and both teams agree.
    3. If both teams come to an agreement for every group game, that can be accommodated as long as they are played that week and referee is available.
    4. If both teams don't agree a fixture; then it defaults back to Wednesday evening.
    5. If a game is not played in the week, the GFA will make a decision how to award the points based on all available data.
    6. The appointed O35s Coach must post the agreed date and time to the coaches whatsapp group for transparency.
    7. Any request to postpone/or move a fixture past that week must be submitted to Ger Ryan and confirmation received in writing.
    8. Semi finals and finals dates will be set and cannot be moved.
  2. Appoint Referee
    1. It is up to the home team to appoint and pay referee a set fee of €50 for all league matches.
    2. The GFA will be appointing 3 officials for all semi finals and finals; split 50/50 between home&away clubs.
    3. Home team arranges time and day of match with away manager, and then appoints official referee from one of the official list only.
  3. The home team can only appoint a referee from the Official Referee list - see section above

General Rules

  1. Competition is run by the Galway FA
  2. O35s competition is a summer league
  3. Match Cards to be Completed by both teams and the referee.
  4. The home team to send result via the home club secretary on evening of fixture. This is using sportsmanager software
  5. Roll-on, roll-off, unlimited substitutions, 45 minutes a side.
  6. Players Conduct
    1. We remind all clubs that your player's behaviour must follow acceptable standards and both teams must follow all instructions and accept all decisions of the referee on the night of a game.
    2. As organisers of this competition, the GFA wish to assure you that any bad conduct will be treated as a serious matter requiring a proper disciplinary procedure, which may result in sanctions to the player and/or club involved.
    3. Red cards will have 1 match automatic ban.
    4. More serious bans for more serious bad conduct, which may also include points reduction for the team.
  7. "Sin Bin".
    1. 10 minutes.
    2. Team will be down by 1 player (substitute not allowed to replace the player that is in the bin; but can choose to put another player on after the 10 minutes is up)
    3. It is designed to allow a referee to get a player to leave the field having done something stupid; to cool down.
    4. The referee should always use the Yellow Card and Red Card as normal. Players should be sent off if there is any violent conduct and reported to me.
  8. Covid-19
    1. Hopefully this is behind us


Yours in Sport,

Contact Details

Ger Ryan • 087 9823033

GFA Registrar / FAInet • Jamie Warrick  • 083 470 8251

Galway Football Association